Owner Spotlight: Lisa Robazza

Author: Lisa Robazza Design | | Categories: Furniture Planning , Interior Design , Kitchen Design , Project Management , Space Planning

I’m Lisa Robazza, owner of Lisa Robazza Design. I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I love this business because I believe that the quality of our lives is directly connected to the spaces where we live, work and play. I feel that good planning and design can put us at ease, make us more productive and contribute to happy and fulfilled lives. I have a unique ability to see possibility in creating workable and beautiful spaces and love the challenge of creating that vision for my clients.

I grew up in Ontario, and obtained my Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design, from the Ryerson School University. When I graduated, I worked in commercial office design and then residential development before moving toward residential renovation.

I have been in the design field, on and off, for 30 years. I took an extended period of time away from the profession to raise my family. Throughout, I’ve always stayed socially connected to this industry. Residential renovation is construction based design involving: structural changes, additions, top-ups and other major physical modifications to a home. It also includes selection of finishes, millwork design, lighting and electrical concepts and project management through to completion.

My main responsibilities are to look after my clients and run my business. I am the main contact between client and the contractor. My role is to ensure the job is running smoothly and efficiently. I am the designer and creative lead on all projects. I take care of managing my business including marketing, accounting and administration. I do have a support team, of course, whom I rely on to take on tasks which allow me more time to design for my clients. The part of my work which find I most enjoyable are the creative processes, planning and sketching designs.

The skills I rely upon to perform my job at the highest levels are: imagination, listening and diplomacy. I attribute my success to being detail oriented, listening well, and documenting the project in writing and drawing form to ensure its ultimate success. The most satisfying moments come for me when I receive positive feedback from satisfied clients, as well as contractors.

A company I admire is Bone Structure. They are a leader in innovative residential and commercial construction techniques. Everyone who works for and with Bone Structure shares their values of respect, transparency, loyalty, security and fun. I also appreciate the future thinking of Tesla, they are not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation. Good design is everywhere, and can enhance our lives and our environment in so many ways.

I am a big fan of the charity, Habitat for Humanity. One of the things that impressed me most was a statistic they shared that a very high percentage of children who grow up in a HFH home, continue on to pursue a post secondary education and thus, a career. I believe our homes fortify us to weather the ups and downs of life, and nurture our relationships and goals. One of my goals is to contribute to a build as a volunteer. I believe in giving back to the community, it makes all stronger and richer, as well as fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

If you, or someone you know in North and Central Okanagan, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Lake Country, Finley, Salmon Arm, Coldwater, Lumby, West Kelowna, could benefit from our expertise in creating stunning interiors you will love, I invite you to get in touch.